Task 26
Task 26
SHC Task 26

Solar Combisystems

Project (Task) Objectives

System survey, simulation tools and a standardised test procedure are the necessary infrastructure for understanding and supporting the growing market of solar combisystems. A unique classification and definitions are the necessary basis for any discussion and comparison of different system designs. Simulation gives insight in the thermal behaviour of solar combisystems, which is needed for development, and also for designing and sizing such systems. A standardised test procedure will allow for rating solar combisystems under standardised conditions for testing and for performance prediction. This will lead to greater confidence of the end user in this technology.

Task 26 will review, analyse, test, compare, optimise and improve designs and solutions of solar combisystems for:

  • detached one family houses
  • groups of one family houses, and
  • multifamily houses or equivalent in load

with their own heating installations. This Task does not refer to solar district heating systems or systems with seasonal storage or central solar heating plants with seasonal storage.

Companies from several participating countries will be taking part in this work and will help to make the results of the Task more relevant to the solar heating industry.